Hunt Museum Hotels Limerick

The Hunt Museum is located in Limerick City and is home to one of Ireland’s greatest private collection of art and artefacts. The collection ranges from paintings by Picasso and Yeats to Neolithic artefacts. It is 1400 sq ft of exhibition gallery space. In addition to housing a variety of exhibitions, it also hosts the annual show by students from the Limerick School of Art and Design. The Hunt Museum was first opened in 1978 and was housed at Plassey, part of Limerick University which was then known as the National Instistute for Higher Education Limerick. In 1997 the collection was moved to its current location in the restored Customs House in Limerick City. If you are travelling to Limerick to view an exhibition in the Hunt Museum, the George Boutique Hotel Limerick is only a short stroll away and offers a great selection of Limerick Hotel Breaks.